Working with us

Custom Home Renovations

Make room for your growing family or changing lifestyle by renovating and upgrading your home? At RAW architectuurstudio, our experienced home renovations and design specialists help you unlock your home’s potential.

From transforming your kitchen and living spaces to adding master retreats, our custom designs are a seamless way to add space, function and style to your home. We provide a premium customer experience through stunning design and thoughtful consideration of your requirements and expectations.

Design Process

Step 1. Your consultation: we will discuss your needs and ideas.

Step 2. Design and Construction Choices: we work with you to create a design of your renovation or improvement. We work with several engineers, who will calculate and design the engineering.

Step 3. Building permit: If the renovation plan needs a building permit, we will provide all drawings necessary to obtain the permit. We can help you in the communication with the municipal official.

Step 4. Construction: We will help you assess the quotation of the contractor, and can assist you in the construction process if necessary.

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